The best bras to wear when pregnant

Buying a bra to suit you throughout your pregnancy can be hard. The changes in your body once you become pregnant can happen quickly, and some women will see notable changes in their breast size within the first few weeks of pregnancy, even more so if you have breast implants. There are certain stages in the pregnancy and some major body changes ahead. You will have enough to stress and worry about as your body changes and you go through the whole process of growing a baby inside you. When it comes to which bra is best, sometimes choosing the gender of your baby is easier than choosing the right bra! Luckily enough, we have done the research for you and can help in this department. With just a few professional tips, you can find the right bras that are comfortable to wear and will suit you as your breasts grow throughout the pregnancy cycle.

Here is our guide on what bra features you will require, and how to choose the one that’s best for you.

pregnant with breast implantsWhat kind of bra is best for pregnancy?

  • One that is stretchy, but still offers you plenty of support
  • No underwire
  • A bra that can accommodate sensitive and engorged breasts
  • One that will grow with you through the three trimesters
  • One that comes with drop-down cup function so you can continue to use it once your baby has arrived and you are breastfeeding
  • A bra with adjustment around the ribcage so that it allows for the different fluctuations around the center of your body

Is it important to have a bra that grows with you.

During each trimester, your breasts will grow and change over time; therefore, you will want a bra that can offer you plenty of comfort, flexibility, and support. It is not necessary at this point to go out and purchase several different bras to suit each different stage you are going to go through. To begin with, look for options that can stretch a little and have multiple adjustment zones, such as straps and back clasps. In the coming months you are going to have many new expenses once you start buying other maternity wear, not to mention when you begin buying things for the new addition to your family, so don’t let your bras be a burden or stress. Start with one comfortable bra for the first trimester, and then adjust as you go along. You may not be aware that your rib cage actually expands in size as your baby grows, therefore having adjustment options around the base of your bra is essential.

Post-pregnancy is also a time that has different bra requirements, you may be breastfeeding, or once finished with breastfeeding many women choose to have a breast lift, so there is all manner of changes and it will require you to be refitted again each time there is a significant change with your breasts.

What you should look for in a bra:

  • Plenty of room around the bust and the back area
  • Soft fabric on the inside so it won’t irritate sensitive nipples
  • One that has plenty of adjustment options so you can continue to make it comfortable as your body grows

Commonly, bras are structured with an inflexible band and underwire which is not at all stretchy to accommodate the changes occurring within the breast during each trimester. Underwire bras mean that your breasts can only fit a certain size which will be uncomfortable as your breasts start to grow bigger. You can return to underwire bra’s post-pregnancy, but not until after you have stopped breastfeeding. 

When should you start buying new bras?

There is no right or wrong time, and it will depend on what you prefer. Some women outgrow their current bras within the first few weeks of pregnancy while others don’t need extra room and support until they are further along in their pregnancy. While there are many women who can tell you what the best bra to buy is, the fact is that everyone is different. All women have different shapes and sizes that fill their bra, and many will develop differently throughout pregnancy. 

Also, one more tip – don’t make the mistake of simply buying the same brand and style bra’s you typically wear pre-pregnancy, but in a larger size, because the structure and fabric of those bras are not designed for the extra support you need as the body and breasts grow through pregnancy. Consider getting a professional to determine your correct size bra and offer you some advice on what you need during the pregnancy, as well as after your baby is born. Pregnancy comes with its own aches and pains which is why it is essential to wear a comfortable and supporting bra, so there is one less thing to worry about.