Teeth Whitening

Because cleaner teeth and gums are more responsive to any dental treatment, teeth bleaching begins with a dental cleaning, which involves the removal of plaque and tartar deposits using specialized dental tools. Compared to over-the-counter teeth-whitening products, a professional teeth whitening procedure performed by a dentist expert delivers dramatic results quickly — whitening both tooth enamel and underlying dentin, with a procedure tailored to your unique needs. With professional at-home teeth bleaching, you get solid results that do not compromise your smile and do not shout out to the world that you had the procedure. A dentist who has expertise in teeth bleaching can help you decide whether professional teeth bleaching is the best way to restore a winning smile.

Instead of spending time and money on an unpredictable outcome, visiting your dentist for teeth bleaching could leave you walking out of the office in just hours, sporting a brilliant smile. To maximize results and to keep your safety, you must whiten your teeth under a professional’s care. With a professional, you can expect to have an easy time while you are whitening and to have your overall oral health taken care of. When whitening your teeth with a dental professional, you will get stains removed the correct way from your teeth, which allows for strengthening and health.

Having teeth whitened in a dental office will make sure that any stains are removed, leaving your teeth healthier and stronger. With stains removed in a professional teeth-whitening procedure, your teeth may be strengthened and healthier, increasing the overall health of your gums and the rest of your mouth. Whitening helps lift up and even melt away stains so that you can feel better about how you look.

Whitening eliminates deep stains so you can feel confident about how your smile looks. Professional teeth bleaching eliminates persistent stains and brightens up your smile, leaving you with greater self-confidence and less reason to be embarrassed by an unappealing smile. Custom-tailored professional teeth bleaching boosts your confidence in all walks of life, eliminating embarrassment over stained teeth and instantly restoring your shiny smile.

Once you have had professional teeth bleaching done, you can proudly display those pearly white teeth without any hesitations and experience a major boost to your confidence. Since professional teeth bleaching removes stains from the outer layers of the teeth, it also eliminates harmful bacteria, plaque, and tartar accumulation.

teeth whitening kitWhen you receive a professional teeth whitening procedure, the bleaching agents applied to the teeth are far more powerful than what you might buy at a convenience store. By tuning the concentration of your bleaching agent, your gums and teeth are completely protected against the attacks. Backed by a good at-home oral hygiene regimen, professional teeth bleaching results are long-lasting, as the whitening agents that dentists and dental hygienists use contain stronger bleaching agents than those that you can purchase over the counter.

Your dentist or dental hygienist can whiten your teeth in one, hour-long appointment, which prevents repeated applications of messy over-the-counter bleaching kits. Your dentist or dental hygienist can give you tips for keeping your teeth looking and feeling bright and healthy after your whitening procedure, including what foods and drinks often stain teeth. If you have teeth whitened by your dentist, you may feel comfortable and secure because the procedure will be overseen and performed by a professional.

Since it is known that having a good mouth is beneficial for overall health and can prevent a lot of diseases, whitening may be the best reason why you might want to have your teeth recolored. If stains have taken their toll on your teeth, and you believe that you may benefit from a facelift, teeth bleaching from a dental professional provides a quick, highly effective solution for improving your appearance.

Your Inspire Smiles dental professional will also give you custom-made teeth whitening trays for at-home use that fit over the teeth to keep them whiter over an extended period. In-home teeth whitening kits provided by your dentist are available to be used at home, allowing you to keep your bright, beautiful smile at your convenience. Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are often considered to be a more affordable, affordable, and easy way to bleach teeth at home, but professional teeth whitening treatments, such as those that we provide in our offices in Bee Cave and Lakeway, Texas, offer a few simply unparalleled benefits.


Before choosing any type of teeth-whitening procedure, be it over-the-counter, at home, or our offices, it is highly recommended you speak to your dentist to determine whether teeth bleaching is right for you. Understand this is why, if you are considering teeth whitening, you should receive either the very best procedure or the dentally recommended gel best teeth whitening product. It is no secret that having a whiter tooth provides benefits, with the most obvious one being — a more appealing, vibrant smile.


The safest, most effective, and most convenient way to achieve sparkling, healthy teeth is by seeking personalized, professional treatments, which can make your teeth a few shades lighter, regardless of whether discoloration is internal, external, or related to age. After the treatment, you might feel more compelled to care for your lighter, more vibrant teeth, making a point to brush, floss, and maintain six-month dental preventive appointments. With professional-grade take-home treatments, you can simply sit back and relax while the real color of your smile comes through, and before you know it, you have got a set of teeth that always give you confidence.