Creative Ways To Wear Colored Contact Lenses

Often called makeup contacts or cosmetic contacts, colourful contacts add a decorative form to or shade the eyes with the colour of your choice. Just like normal contacts, coloured contacts are not harmful to your eyes as long as you follow the instructions from your eye doctor, especially regarding how long you should wear the contacts and when you should change the contacts. Once you get a colour contact lens prescription from your eye doctor, you are free to safely shop around for lenses that are approved by the FDA.


Regardless of what kind of colourful contacts you want or need, a professional fitting and a contact lens prescription are required by a licensed eye doctor. Whether your lenses are coloured or clear, you will still need to see an eye doctor to ensure that you are getting exactly the right lenses for your eyes. Even if your vision does not need correction, you need to see an eye care professional for your contact lens fit and prescription.


Even if you do not need vision correction, you may still want to get some coloured lenses. If you are wearing a cold-toned outfit or pink, put on some blue contacts so that your eyes pop out and are more expressive. If you really want your eyes to stand out, try using cool blues, greens, or silvers.


If you are wearing blue contacts, the complementary colour would be orange. If you have dark brown eyes and you would like blue contacts, Opaque Tint is right for you. Enhancement Tint is ideal for people who have lighter-coloured eyes and want to make them look slightly brighter.


Unlike Visibility Tint, and just like their names, Enhancement Tint is used to boost your eye’s natural colour. Regardless of what Visibility Tints are intended for, it does indeed add a subtle colour cast to your eyes. They are worn over contacts that have slight shades, making it easier to recognize when you are coming off.


If you have darker eyes or want colour on the opposite end of the spectrum as you, these are the contacts for you. Whether you want a contact with a complete shade of colour or one with colour enhancement, you can pick out many good options. If you are looking to bring a new twist to your costumes, colour contacts can be an interesting way to add to the overall look, as long as they are used safely.

coloured contacts

Because irises are complex structures, some coloured contacts have a number of small coloured dots, as well as colour lines and shapes that are placed in radial patterns. With many brands of colored contacts, colour changes appear natural, as shaded areas feature patterns that look like the actual eyes. The only difference is the portion of the lens covering your iris has a tinted colour.


While there are various sizes of colour contacts that fit most users, there are going to be occasions (such as when blinking) where the coloured portion of the contact can slip slightly above the pupil. Your eyes are unique, so Dangerous will not fit properly in your eyes. The size of the pupil in your eyes is constantly changing to fit different lighting conditions – that is why at times, such as night, the pupils can become larger than the sharp centres of the coloured lenses.


Photochromic contacts, though, are designed to decrease the amount of brightness that is transmitted through the sun into your eyes when it is bright outside — they are not designed to alter your eye’s colour. Yes, you can wear blue makeup with blue contacts, but using complementary colours is best if you want to make your eyes pop. If you are going for a pair of purple contacts that will make your eyes pop, anything with hints of green, yellow, and orange is going to be your BFF.


If you are light-skinned, any colour contacts would work well for you, particularly brighter colours like pale blue, green or violet, which could put you in the spotlight. Halloween contacts, or theatre contacts, are also available, these can give effects like a vampire’s eyes or a werewolf’s eyes. Other opaque shades can provide you with dramatic effects, such as vampire’s eyes.


If you would like to make subtle changes, enhanced colour lenses (also known as Freshlook Dimensions) might be a better choice for you, since they enhance the colour of your natural eyes, instead of changing them entirely. The 90-day, once-in-use lenses are a perfect choice for anyone looking to regularly switch back to their natural eye colour, or who is using a prescription tinted contact to enhance vision. If you are looking to go with colourful contacts for everyday use, be it at work or at school, then you are better off using monthly lenses as having to regularly change out a new pair can get quite expensive.


If you are going to wear your coloured lenses only sometimes, remember you will have to sanitize them every week and keep them stored in new solutions. Use the lenses for the only amount of time recommended by your eye doctor. Before purchasing lenses, you should always be sure to have a current, valid prescription.


It is always best to see your eye doctor before ordering contacts online, regardless of if you have 20/20 vision, so that they can do an examination on you to ensure the contacts are right for you, adjust the lenses to fit, and determine if you need a prescription. If you are experiencing something unusual in your vision, it is important to take off the coloured lenses immediately and visit an eye doctor, says Dr Kzirr. Contrary to popular belief, however, colour contacts are not an over-the-counter product.


This option is ideal for anyone looking to make the transition to a safer, reusable colour contact for daily use, or to wear without glasses to match a character you are dressing up as. Ideal for changing up your eye’s tone, our 3-month coloured contacts let you instantly switch your iris colour back to something fresh and new, which will fit with your style and personality over a long period of time. Pretty much any colour goes great with brown, so you have got plenty of choices when it comes to brown.