Clean Contacts

When it comes to preventing infections and other problems eye hygiene is the most important factor. Being unhygienic with your contact lenses can affect your vision and the health of your eyes. Here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning your contact lenses.

Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

For the best hygiene practices, you need to make sure that you wash your hands with water and soap before you go ahead and touch your contact lenses. It is important to use antibacterial soap when you can and always use lint-free towels to dry your hands. Don’t use lotion or oil bases soaps as these can soil and cloud your lenses.

For both your prescription contact lenses and your colour contact lenses always use fresh solution each time. Don’t be tempted to use water, saliva, rewetting drops, sterile water or saline. These cannot disinfect and clean the lenses properly.

You need to rub your contact lenses gently with your fingers and make sure that you rinse them with a fresh solution.
The rub and rinse way of cleaning your lenses is known to be the best way of cleaning them. It is best to have short fingernails as nails can scratch the lenses and damage them. Not only can nails be sharp they are also home to dirt and germs.

Ensure you rinse your lens case out with cleaning solution and make sure it is left overturned and allowed to dry out. Don’t be cleaning your case with normal water as it contains microorganisms and impurities that are harmful to the lenses. When storing your lens case don’t keep it in direct sunlight or humid places like bathrooms. 

Alternative Ways To Clean Your Contacts

  • Keep your solution lid closed tightly and avoid contact with objects and surfaces while using the solution.
  • Replace your lens case every three months
  • If you have monthly lenses don’t wear them for more than thirty days from when you first open them. For the fortnightly ones don’t wear more than fourteen days from when you first open them.
  • Avoid smoky air that can enter your eyes can cause infection and irritation.

Always Follow Instructions

Your contact lenses, case and cleaning solution will all come with their own instructions. You will most likely get some tips and things to follow from your eye doctor also. You need to follow these instructions diligently, as you don’t want friends to think you’re wearing scary coloured contact lenses for Halloween every day. These are designed to give you the best performance and care for your contact lenses and your eyes. You will most likely have to have several check-ups with the eye doctor to ensure everything is ok with your eyes and lenses. If you notice any problems with your eyes or lenses seek medical advice straight away. If your eyes are dry use drops that are designed to add moisture and avoid contact lenses until they are better. It is a good idea to have a pair of glasses on hand at home to wear sometimes to give your eyes a break from the contact lenses.

Regular eye checks will let your doctor know if your sight has worsened which means you may need different contact lenses that will be better for your eyes. Which type you use from throw away ones for the type that are designed to be used long term will be determined on the advice of your doctor.