Top yoga trends during isolation

In our modern day lives, there are a lot of activities and practices that people have continued with from ancient times until now. One such thing from the past that has stayed with is Yoga. Yoga is an old discipline that originated in India many years ago. Yoga is something that helps to control your inner self in a more balanced manner by doing a set of simple exercises, breathing rhythms and meditation. Yoga is resonating with many people in today’s world who are searching for inner peace and want to have a healthy body and mind. Interestingly there are a lot of new trends that have emerged lately possibly because you can practice yoga online so it is one of the physical activities people are still enjoying whilst in isolation. Here are some of the latest yoga fads that you might want to explore during your time in isolation.

Toe Yoga
yoga online

Toe yoga has various benefits that are associated with it, mostly it helps to strengthen your toes, foot, heels and it can also help to align your foot structure. Toe yoga is definitely a type of yoga that you can try during isolation. There are many ways that you can learn how to do it, including watching videos from various internet platforms or attending online yoga classes. As this type of yoga is easy to follow you can practice this at your own comfortable pace.


Fitness hybrids have been popular for quite some time now. For example, piloxing which is pilates and boxing and yogalates which is yoga and pilates. Now the current trend in yoga is Yoga HIIT. The way this works is there is a series of HIIT exercises that gradually end in dynamic yoga poses and body stretches. It is an efficient workout that increases the burning of calories and it also helps in the strengthening and lengthening of muscles


Roga is also another hybrid type of yoga. It is for the runners who also love to do yoga. It is for someone who is an experienced runner, but who is new to yoga. The stretching and flexibility that yoga practice brings helps most runners who may find it difficult to do basic poses like the downward dog at first due to stiffness. ROGA brings together yoga and running which can increase strength, stamina and flexibility.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is one of the simplest types of yoga you can practice at home with one simple object – a chair. You can start by simply sitting on your chair and folding your legs. These are simple yoga poses which you can do while doing work. You can take some time as a break and do this yoga to help relieve stress and tiredness. 

Karaoke Yoga

Karaoke Yoga is a fun way to do yoga with a bunch of people, or alternatively you can do it alone by yourself during time in isolation. You can choose a karaoke song and strike a yoga pose and keep singing the song. It’s a terrific way to keep the energy flowing. After karaoke yoga you will feel refreshed and happy. It can help to increase the energy of your body and can make you overall energised and enthusiastic.

Trauma yoga

Trauma yoga is another type of yoga that can be practiced during isolation. If trauma yoga is done effectively, it can be empowering and help create a safe feeling. Trauma yoga also helps to treat people who have undergone PTSD and other kinds of trauma. Sometimes therapies focus on the mind, and do not concentrate on the body, this is where trauma yoga can help with healing. However it is not necessary for you to have gone through trauma in order to do this yoga. Since this yoga is self-motivating you can try this by yourself during isolation. 

There are a lot of trends that can be followed during the time of isolation. Our advice is to make your isolation a productive time, and stay healthy and happy.