Tips for the eye

There isn’t just one single type of lens solution or a care system that works for every single person and their eye contact lenses. All the brands in the market have been proven to be effective when they are used correctly and have also been approved by the FDA.

For contact lenses cleaning solution to work, it is important that the instructions are followed. The instructions come from either what is written on the packet or the instructions that your doctor may give you. Not following the instructions correctly can result in damage to the contact lenses and eyes.

There are two main types of contact lens solution systems the multipurpose type and the hydrogen peroxide-based system. The systems do differ from each other, and each comes with its own set of benefits and features. Whether it’s transparent or colored contact lens dryness is experienced in both, using a solution that prevents dryness is important.

The hydrogen peroxide-based systems are very popular. Just like the multipurpose ones, they work well to disinfect and clean the lenses. The eye professionals will often give you the advice that you need to clean the contacts separately first with a surfactant solution, so then they can be rinsed with a saline solution before being disinfected with the lens solution. As our eyes are sensitive, extra steps are required when using the hydrogen peroxide version compared to the multipurpose.

The lens disinfectant using the peroxide version can be a one or a two-step process, depending on which product brand you are using.

lens case

Both the one and two-step versions will need the hydrogen peroxide solution to be neutralized, this needs to be done after disinfecting the lenses and before wearing the lenses. This is needed because even though hydrogen peroxide is a good disinfecting agent, it can be toxic to the cornea and needs to be changed to saline with a neutralizing solution to avoid any injury occurring to the eye.

If you are prone to being forgetful, then using the HPB system can be dangerous if you forget to do the neutralizing step and put the lens straight in the eye then you’re exposing the eyes to injury from the unneutralized hydrogen peroxide.

The one-step HPB systems

The lenses are out into a special holder that goes into a contact lens case; this is where the case will be filled with hydrogen peroxide 3 percent solution. The bottom of the case contains a disk of agents that will start to neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. Keep your lens case clean at all times.

The two-step system

Here the lenses are put into the lens case that has just hydrogen peroxide for a certain amount of time. The neutralizer will then be added to the solution, which will convert the HPS into saline that is harmless.

Hydrogen peroxide care systems don’t have any preservatives, so they are recommended for people who wear colored lenses and those who might be sensitive to the preservatives that are found in the multipurpose systems.

Ask your doctor

If you are unsure which to choose or what brand to go for consider checking in with your eye doctor and see what they recommend. Deciding which solution is best for you is not a decision to be rushed. Your eyes need to be protected at all costs. When you go to get your lenses fitted, ensure you discuss your options for solutions with your doctor. Once you have started a solution if you feel it isn’t right for you, speak to your eye doctor before you start changing the system you are currently using.