The Best Types of Virtual Exercise Classes

If you desire to stay at home and keep fit, you can truly achieve this with virtual exercise classes. In this era, doing fitness at home is very crucial. With the world reeling from the effects of a devastating pandemic, doing fitness from home means being able to observe social distancing, remaining active, and keeping fit all at the same time. Virtual exercise classes such as virtual spin classes can help you feel good and activate your systems.  There are several applications and services from major brands that offer several virtual exercise classes. 

Depending on where you live in the world it is most likely not possible for you to visit the fitness studio in your area or even the local gym. This is because many such places are closed because of the rulings in place to fight the pandemic. Hence, you just have to rely on virtual exercise classes. 

online class


Now that you are at home, you have all the time in the world to make the best of these virtual exercise classes. With many of the virtual classes all you just need to do is stream the videos and enjoy them from the comfort of your living room. Even though you must maintain your health, some people may find it difficult to pay for virtual classes, but don’t fear there are several options out there including some free apps. There are several free options too and many virtual workouts do not require a lot from you. 

Here are two of the most excellent types of virtual exercise classes we have come across:

  • Nike Training Application happens to be one of the best of all the available options. At the moment, it is free, and it offers quite an array of features. These include streaming strength, core, lower body, cardio, upper body, and even complete body workouts. For those who are looking for an application that has several offerings then Nike Training is a good option. It has just about everything that you need, from cardio sessions to core workouts to strength training sessions, you are going to get all you need. 
  • There are also subscription options for activities such as yoga online, cycling (if you have a bike at home), aerobics classes, and pilates. If you are a lover of yoga and you intend to get everything done from the comfort of your home, then this is the option for you. It has all that you need. You can find courses that are good even for amateurs, as well as subscriptions that offer strength training and pilates and a lot more. Have a search around as several studios have now moved online during isolation.

There are many services to explore with online subscriptions, but be sure to check their terms and cancellation policies as many involve recurring payments. Don’t sit at home twiddling your fingers, get off the computer and build some motivations – start doing some virtual exercises. You never know, you might even end up liking it more than going into the gym, which you can skip all together and work out in the comfort of your own home in future.