Gym Equipment

When it comes to getting people to come to your gym you need to tick a few things off your checklist and one is having good gym equipment, along with personal trainers. If you have rusty gym equipment or equipment that is wobbly and moves about you are going to lose customers. Customers want safe, quality equipment and supervisors who know their stuff! Workout gyms like Body Fit Training with Tim Paine have great equipment and professional coaches.  It is important to ensure you have new equipment and supervisors pass the safety standards in order to protect your customers. Not only is it about safety but if you buy unreliable equipment you are going to need to replace it quicker than you may think. This adds a significant expense to your gym that you could do without if you had of brought good gym equipment in the first place.

Having popular gym equipment sitting in your gym is very important for drawing in customers here are a few pieces of equipment that all gyms need to have:


A treadmill is one of the most popular gym equipment’s. It can be used for when you warm up to when you just want a basic muscle stressing machine to work on. Treadmills work well for shedding the weight and burning calories.

Treadmill gym equipment


Ellipticals are reliable and are one of the most used pieces as it offers low impact features. This allows for less tension on the bones and your joints. Using this type of equipment means you won’t have too many exercise-related injuries.


If you cannot go for outdoor bike riding, then you can burn calories by getting a workout from the indoor exercise bikes. These are safe to use hardly need any maintaining and are easy to operate.

Aerobic steppers

These are very reliable and very effective as gym equipment that helps to do various exercises like jumping drills, lateral jumps and the easy beginner step-ups.

Cable pulley equipment

Using cable pulley equipment means that you can use the weight system to keep fit and healthy. This equipment words by lifting pulleys that hold weights. You can adjust it to work on different muscle groups.

Weight machines

This piece of equipment is a favourite for most people who love hardcore training. It is a great choice for body-builders who want to develop muscles.

Free weights

These are kettlebells and barbells which are good for motion exercising for your upper muscles.

Rowing Machines

This type of equipment helps with your flexibility. It helps both the upper and lower body muscles, so it will give you an overall body workout session.

There are so many reasons why you need good, reliable equipment when it comes to your gym. No one wants to work out on old equipment that is outdated, unsafe and dirty. If customers don’t feel safe at your gym they will simply not return and once word gets out you will start to lose customers and end up with a bad name which can force your gym to close. Keep everyone happy at your gym and offer the modern, updated and safe equipment for all users to enjoy when they visit your gym. You should even consider having a trainer or personal trainer as an extra value offering. Consumers would love to be trained by professionals like bft training owner Tim Paine who is an Australian cricket player at your gym.